We’re privileged to run a cafe here in Bali and we’re proud to positively contribute to the local economy. Beyond this, it’s important to acknowledge the importance of local culture and remember those that are less fortunate. There are the organisations we frequently contribute to:

  • Bali WISE > Empowering marginalized women through skills education, as a means to develop sustainable communities in Indonesia

  • Bali Life Foundation > Children’s home, street kids project, women’s centre, sustainability and education

  • YKIP > Foundation committed to improving the lives of the needy in Bali by breaking the cycle of poverty through educational support and services

  • Project Clean Uluwatu > Facilitating sustainable waste management and education in Uluwatu

  • Local village > Community projects and religious holidays

  • Natural disasters > We hold fundraising events for natural disasters in the region, such as the Lombok earthquakes


If you’ve been to Bali, you’ll know how much of an issue single use plastics are on the island. Locally, there is a lack of awareness of the issue and most regions lack the infrastructure to support the proper disposal of plastics from businesses and households.

Alone, we can’t change the world, but we can do our bit to help preserve this beautiful island. Within our cafe, we ensure that:

  • Single use plastics are minimised by using stainless steel straws, starch bags, paper coffee cups and take away containers

  • Free spring water is provided at the cafe and we don’t sell water in plastic bottles

  • Instead, we sell BPA free aluminium water bottles with free lifetime refills

  • Where possible all bottles and cardboard are recycled

  • Organic waste is sent to farms around the area

  • Non-organic waste is disposed of in a responsible manner